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Guanaja, the most mountainous of the Bay Islands, is 11 miles long and 3 miles wide, and is located some forty miles off the northern coast of Honduras. Originally "discovered" by Columbus on his final voyage to the New World, its appearance has changed little over the centuries. There are no roads here, and little commercial development to detract from the natural beauty. Deserted white beaches, virgin jungle, crystal blue waters, and a thriving barrier coral reef make Guanaja one of the Caribbean's most appealing "undiscovered" destinations.

Island House is located on the beach of Guanaja's mostly uninhabited north shore. The resort consists of a main house and one guest house, accommodating a maximum of twelve people. The large comfortable rooms are of island-style architecture with louvered windows, Spanish tile floors, and balconies with ocean views. The bar is located on the dock, which affords spectacular views of the beautiful Caribbean sunset.

The owner and founder of Island House is Bo Bush, a local islander whose ancestry dates to the English pirates who once dwelt in these islands. He is truly the perfect host: friendly, entertaining, competent, and possessing a local knowledge of the island that greatly enhances any guest's visit. When you come to Island House, you are one of the family, and you will have experiences not available at the larger "gringo" operated resorts. These might consist of a visit to local villages to hang out with islanders, bar hopping (by boat) on a moonlit night, a spontaneous around-island fishing trip, or simply enjoying one of the numerous characters who routinely drop by.

You've never been to any resort like this before. If you're looking for an intimate Caribbean island experience with a chance to develop a feel for island culture and charm, this is the place for you. Come join the family.