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Here's what our guests say about Island House...

Wow! I've been to dive resorts all over the world and never had an island experience like this one! The diving was varied and spectacular, the island is beautiful and uncrowded, and the cultural experience from being at Bo's was just so cool! If you like low-key, out of the way spots that are way different than the usual, you've got to try this place! I'll go back there the rest of my life.
Dave Stilley, Arizona

I've taken several dive groups to Bo's over the years and everyone has had a fantastic time. There's no way to describe what a great place it is, and the feeling you get from hanging out there. It's like all of a sudden you can understand what it's like to be an island person, and why they're so mellow. I'd recommend it to anyone, particularly if you're looking to get away from the usual dive resort experience.
Dale Zimmerman, Minnesota

Bo, Marta, and Family: I want to trade lives with you. What you have created at Island House is truly a slice of paradise. The company, the bar over the water, the diving, the scenery, the sunsets, no roads... you'll be seeing me every year for as long as I can travel.
Diane House, Arizona

In my travels, I have never felt more at home, more relaxed, or more chilled than at Bo Bush's Island House. Sure there are more expensive places to stay on Guanaja, and there are other dive resorts on the island that offer some of what Bo and his family have to offer. But none offer what is exclusive to Island House: Bo Bush. Bo is one of the neatest people I've ever met. Spending time with Bo and his family is what sets their place apart from all the others. Whether you're diving on some of the finest reefs in the hemisphere, hiking in the hills behind the resort, hanging out in Bonaaca, or sitting around the dock bar meeting the locals as they pull over for a drink on their way home after a tough day at the office, staying at the Island House is more like visiting with friends and seeing the island through local eyes. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in a diving vacation with a difference.
John Terry, Utah