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Guanaja is surrounded by the clear, warm waters of the Caribbean Sea, and enclosed in a stunningly beautiful barrier reef. The reef is part of the second-largest coral reef system in the world, and is home to a vast array of Caribbean species: sponges, sea fans, eels, anemones, rays, crab, lobster, sharks, and fish of every size and shape.

What is unique to Guanaja among Caribbean islands and even the other Bay Islands is a breath-taking underwater topography. Caves, tunnels, canyons, and towering spires are commonplace here, and entice both the seasoned diver and the novice alike. In addition, Guanaja is home to the "Jado Trader," the Bay Islands' premier wreck dive. If shore diving is your thing, a beautiful reef and small wreck are located a short swim from the dock.

Island House is located just minutes from most of the island's premier dive sites in the Guanaja Marine Preserve. You will travel to these sites in a comfortable, fast dive boat and dive with Bo himself, one of the Bay Islands' preeminent divemasters with over 6,000 dives!

Because of the size of the resort, dive excursions are small, intimate experiences that can be tailored to the particular desires of you or your group.

Black Rock Canyons, Michael Rock, The Pinnacle, The Jado Trader... some of the Caribbean's most exciting dives are waiting for you!