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The keys to Island House's successful formula are flexibility and a Caribbean attitude. Because of the small size and restricted number of guests, the activities agenda can be customized for the group or individual. The relaxed, unstructured approach allows you to do as much, or as little as you would like. Island House is also a truly "kid friendly" resort which caters to the needs of families and can provide childcare upon your request.

Swimming / Snorkeling
Dive off the dock into the beautiful Caribbean. The water is warm and clear year-round, and abundant sea life awaits your discovery. There are beautiful coral heads an easy swim from the dock, and the over-the-water bar is ready for you following your swim.

Sea Kayaking
Sea Kayaks are available and free to our guests. The beautiful Michael Rock beach is a short paddle away. All directions afford beautiful scenery and easy, protected paddling within the barrier reef. Whether exploring for a few minutes or all day, there are plenty of destinations to choose from.

Island House boasts some of the island's most spectacular hiking opportunities. Guanaja's most beautiful waterfall is located up an incredible jungle trail, half an hour from the resort. The small Caribbean fishing village of Mangrove Bight is approximately an hour's walk down the beach. Numerous trails take you to the upper reaches of the island, or for the more serious, all the way to the top - a climb of 1,400 feet!

Other Activities
A trip to the thriving island community of Bonacca is always a treat, as is a day of sightseeing and cultural immersion with Bo. Some folks find that the best thing to do is simply nothing at all!